Welcome all good-natured, diversity-tolerant Comedians, to my very special aura healing and coaching abilities, which can greatly enhance
all facets of  your Comedy career, whether your genre of comedy is:

Standup, Physical, Slapstick, Improvisational, Musical etc., etc.


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Reading first about my Aura Healings over the phone or Skype will orient you to my special ability  to communicate with your Body's Wisdom, which guides me at all times during my healing and coaching work with Comedians.

Aura Coaching sessions can be done using skype, internet file sharing, DVD mailing, or in-person through special arrangements.



    To be a successful positive and upbeat comedian, you must first of all have that magnetic stage presence or 'Star Power' that all great performers have and that audiences delight in. Regular phone healing sessions with me will continually increase your 'Star Power' by gradually opening up your chakras, and unleashing the beauty and brilliance of the chakra colors that will make an audience riveted to your comedy routine.




     If you want an audience to love you, you must be loveable!  Thus the
most important chakra for positive and upbeat comedians is the heart chakra. An audience will follow you through thick and thin if your heart chakra is radiating beautiful energy. Regular healing sessions will gradually open up your heart chakra, as well as your other chakras. EVEN IF THE COMEDY ROLE YOU'RE PLAYING ISN'T "LOVEABLE"  per se, the audience will still be riveted to you if your heart chakra is 'loveable'. This is a great mystery
of performers in general, explaining why audiences can be drawn to, and even 'love' characters that typically play  'off-beat, 'misfit', or even 'evil' or 'scary' roles. Thus, the 'content' of your comedy routine doesn't need to be 'heart warming', spiritual, or designed to be uplifting or inspiring to audiences. What's important, is that the audience can detect that you 'have a heart', so to speak. An audience will be much more likely to follow you even through more risqué parts of your act, if they can feel your heart. The other mystery here, is that a performer must 'keep their hearts clean' of negative or dark karma in their personal lives, because when you unjustifiably and recklessly create heart break or trauma in the hearts of others, YOUR HEART loses it's warmth and 'lovability' - thus the familiar downward spiral in popularity we have all witnessed in many formerly beloved icons whose personal lives have taken a turn towards a more self-serving or reckless consciousness. One important dimension of my Aura Coaching, will be to guide you to living a life that protects and defends other's as well as your own heart's sacredness and joy.





     Once your 'lovability' is established through a radiant heart chakra, then it is important for a comedian that one or more of your chakras 'LOOKS COMICAL' to the subconscious perception of the audience. This 'COMICAL LOOKING CHAKRA' doesn't make people want to laugh AT YOU, only WITH YOU, because they 'FEEL' for you, and they subconsciously 'know' that first and foremost, you're a good person and have a good heart. Through communicating directly with your aura, I can locate and give you countless insights into your 'comical chakras', giving you knowledge of yourself and mystical insights into your raw comedy power, that most comedians will never know about. This awareness will give you an important edge in your comedy career.





     Through the psychic visions I see when I tune into your aura, I will share with you my visions of the 'personalities' of each chakra, particularly your naturally 'Comical' chakras, and together we will map out authentic approaches to comedy that will reflect the personalities of the chakra(s) in your aura.  You wouldn't want to be doing a comedy routine that wasn't "YOU".  My coaching can provide the mystical process of finding routines that capture YOUR completely unique chakra system and spirit. Thus will the audience wholeheartedly embrace your portrayal of each comical character you play, as well as embrace you as a comedian who's career they will  enthusiastically follow.