To contact me, please email me at:


Please follow these steps to set up your Free Initial Phone (or WebCam) Healing Session as well as for Follow-up sessions:


1. Please take a little time to peruse my website .


Probably the most important page for you to read would be:
Click Below:







2.  SENDING PHOTOS BEFORE OUR SESSION  - Please follow these instructions:
Please email me


1. A close-up photo from the shoulder's up 
2. A fully-clothed, full-body photo from head to toe
(Cell phone photos are fine)




























































My Availability Calendar  (all times in EST)


4.  Take a look at my 'Availability Calendar' at the bottom of this page, and pick a day and time that works for you.  Times listed in the calendar are Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST). 
(Please note that you CANNOT CLICK ON THE TIMES ON THE CALENDAR. Once you've selected a good day and time from the calendar, PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR PREFERENCE ASAP, so I can book you from my end. Again, my email is




Also please recognize that I have allotted a full hour and a half maximum time for each session. Please make sure you have selected a time when you will be in a relatively quiet place and will be relatively undisturbed for the duration of the session. Once you've selected your preferred day and time, please don't hesitate to email me your request, so I don't give away that timeslot.


5. Lastly, I have an Age Restriction if you are UNDER THE AGE OF 25. Please click HERE to read the special instructions you must follow in order to receive a healing.

3.  Let me know if you want to do a Phone or a Webcam session.


In either case, please send me the best phone # to call you on. Sometimes Skype isn't working so well, in which case we'll have to switch to a Phone Healing. If you want to do a WebCam session, please send a Skype invitation to my Skype ID:  ZiJi Kaufman, and alert me through email, so I can log onto Skype to accept your invitation. We can also use Google Hangouts. Send an invite to

NOTE: International Sessions (except USA territories like Puerto Rico and Hawaii) must be through WebCam or WhatsApp due to my USA-only phone plan.


  • It's ok if the photos aren't 'picture-perfect', so long as they're not blurry. I'm focusing on your aura, energy and vibration when looking at the photos, not your clothes, your expression, or the picture-perfect background, etc.

  • The photos need to be up-to-date because auras typically do change from week to week. If you are inquiring about the Free Initial Session, it's preferable to send these up-to-date photos when you contact me for the very first time. For all follow-up sessions, please send the up-to-date photos within 48 hours of your scheduled session. Please send 2 brand new up-to-date photos for future sessions if you choose to continue. (For your information: having the 2 up-to-date photos helps me: to prepare for your aura vibrationally before our session; tune into your aura quickly at the beginning of our session; acts as a constant vibrational reference point for me throughout our session; and continues to provide valuable information during future sessions, since comparing brand new up-to-date photos with the older photos will often yield extremely important insights for your healing journey.)

  • Please don't send me photos with family, friends or pets in them, as other people and animals will influence your aura

  • If you are technologically challenged, please find a friend who can take your photos with their camera or cell phone and email/text them to me. If there's no one around to take your full-body photo, you can stand in front of a full-length mirror and take the photo yourself. Just please hold the phone down so you don't block your face
    On rare occasions, I may waive this photo requirement if there are strong prohibitive circumstances that prevent you from taking and/or sending photos to me (like for example, an elderly person who doesn't have a cell phone that takes photos and has no one close by to take and/or send photos for them). I can still do the healing without the photos, but the power of the healing will likely be significantly diminished as a result.)


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