Prepay For Session

Healing Sessions are $60.00 a session
after your free introduction session

Pre-paid through your own PayPal Account

(a) Log onto your own PayPal account
(Click HERE for the Instructions of how to set up your free PayPal account)

(b) Click the "Pay or Send Money" button
(c) Click the "Pay for Goods or Services" button
(d) Enter my email address into the box provided
Ziji_Kaufman@AuraHealingByPhone.com) and click "Next"
 (e) Enter $60 into the box provided (make sure the currency is 'USD') and click the "Send Money Now" button


I will email you that I have received your payment as soon I receive the confirmation email from PayPal, 

Click HERE if for some reason, you can't pay using PayPal

Note: Paid sessions are exactly the same in every respect as the Free Session. Sessions always last between an hour and an hour and a half.


Same procedure as your Free Introductory Healing
Email me


1. A close-up photo from the shoulder's up 
2. A fully-clothed, full-body photo from head to toe
(Cell phone photos are fine)

Again, my email is






























































Pick a timeslot from




I recommend that you email me your desired timeslot as soon as you have paid through PayPal so I don't give away your desired timeslot to someone else!
(Again, you can't book a session yourself on my Availability Calendar, I have to enter it on my end)


That's It!