Comments: This is a 3:39 minute recording. I removed most of the silence of the healing so you won't have to sit there listening to close to 5 minutes of silence ! This recording is primarily a description of what David experienced during the healing along with my clarifying comments afterwards.  Please note that although David experienced powerful inner visions during the healing, his experience is completely unique to him. Everybody will have their own unique experiences during the healings.  In David's inner visions, he mentions some terms that you may not be familiar with, like "Dragon Power" and "Tai Chi". I've provided below some website links to sites that I feel will give you real insight into these terms. Once again, please recognize that David's focus as a singer and performer is to be as energetically alive and magnetic as possible. Your focus might be completely different, and so the terms and concepts revealed in your healings will likely be different from his.

NOTE:  Some terms were used in this recording that you might not understand. Here are two  YouTube videos which, after watching them, will help you to more fully understand the terms: "Chi" , "Tai Chi", and "Dragon Power". Please note that I have substituted the Hindu-Yogic term "Kundalini Serpent Power" for David's use of the term "Dragon Power".