This 7th or Crown chakra is traditionally associated with the color white and also sometimes with violet. In its idealized, untraumatized state, its vortex is pointing upwards from the crown of the head. It is the top end of the all-important main energy channel that runs vertically up and down the center of the body. The gland associated with the Crown Chakra is the Pineal gland. It is the center of purity, spirituality, faith, peace, selflessness, humanitarianism, devotion, inspiration and enlightenment. It
also controls a personís values, morals, and ethics
.  It is the gateway to a personís higher or 'cosmic' consciousness. The soul comes into the body through the Crown Chakra at birth and leaves from it at death. Physical problem areas include muscular system, skeletal system, head, skin, chronic exhaustion, and sensitivity to light, sound and one's environment.  Difficult emotions related to this chakra, as noted by various sources, include over intellectualizing, dissociation with the body, a lack of purpose and meaning to life, and a lack of inspiration.

There are 7 layers of the aura which surround the human body at increasing distances from the physical body

 Diagram 3.  The 7 layers of the aura
 (*Note: the colors of the 7 layers shown here are NOT the actual colors of the layers)

Each of these layers has their own set of 12 Chakras, which are connected to, but still distinct and individual, from the 12 Chakras on all the other layers.

So, technically speaking, there are 12 Chakras multiplied by 7 layers, making a total of 84 Chakras in the human aura.

And each of these 84 Chakras vibrate at different frequencies and radiate different colors !

Finally, the energies from the 84 chakras flood into the human body, following the body's energy meridian pathways or channels, taking these energies to every body part, organ cell, etc., in the body.  These energy meridian pathways are the same pathways as is described in ancient Chinese Acupuncture Meridian diagrams (see images below).

Diagram 4.  Acupuncture Meridian diagram

Diagram 5.  Imagined image of colors pouring through the body's energy meridian pathways


* An Important Point To Remember

Nobody has perfectly spinning Chakras !

A person's aura is an exotic combination of the 84 imperfect Chakras spinning simultaneously plus the distribution of these imperfect energies throughout the body via the energy meridian pathways.

At any given moment in time, a personís aura is filled with moving and shifting combinations of colors, which again, is the result of all of the 84 Chakras combining with each other and the distribution of these colors throughout the body via the energy meridian pathways. This is shown in the picture below.


Diagram 6.  The 84 Chakras creating a multi-colored auric field surrounding the body, as well as bringing multi-colored energies deep inside the body through the energy meridian channels.

The importance of Emotions

It is important to realize that a personís emotions have a lot to do with how each of the 84 Chakras are spinning individually and also how they are combining with each other to flood the aura with shifting multi-colored light patterns.

Emotional traumas from this lifetime (and past lifetimes if you believe in reincarnation ) become frozen inside a personís aura, being the main force behind the uneven distribution and distortion of these 84 chakra energies as they stream through the body's energy meridian pathways.

Chakras and Food

There is also a direct relationship between how much food we need to eat and how open our chakras are.
The more blocked our chakras are, the more food we need to eat.
As well, a person will be more attracted to less healthy or 'junk'   foods in direct proportion to how blocked their chakras are.
When our chakras are more open, we literally 'eat light', while cutting down on food intake.
As well, when our chakras are more open, our body naturally craves more healthy and nutritious foods.
In addition, our metabolism and our ability to burn fat increases when our chakras more open.

The basic Yin-Yang of the Aura

Right to Left Balance: The right side of the aura holds the 'Yang', 'masculine' or action-oriented aspect of the aura, while the left side of the aura holds the 'Yin', 'feminine' or receptive side of the aura.
Back to Front Balance: The back side of the aura holds  the 'Yang' aspect, while the front side of the aura holds the 'Yin' aspect.