"Service" #5: Life & Career Coaching with Aura Healing Principles
Opening your chakras
will give a 'glow and magnetism' to your energy that will make you extremely attractive to others. Over time, more and more of
life's opportunities will open up to you as the healings liberate the full
spectrum of your auric light, magnetism and energy. 
I call this phenomenon "Star Power".

My Aura Coaching abilities can help you to utilize your ever-increasing
'Star Power' that naturally unfolds from our healing sessions. Over time, you will become a healer in your own right, as people become more and more magnetically drawn to you, absorbing the increasingly abundant healing energies of your aura.

     But "Star Power" isn't the only thing you need to successfully interact with people. There are many people walking around with varying degrees of natural
"Star Power", who are not committed to being good-natured, ethical people and
thus consciously or unconsciously abuse their "Star Power".
Because they have less than good intentions in their interactions with people, they will often times be recklessly causing themselves and others unnecessary suffering, and thus will be continually running up against brick walls in their relationships and in their lives in general.  Your openness and ability to follow my Aura Coaching on these points
is very important if you wish to avoid the pitfalls of increased "Star Power".

     If you have a difficult situation in your life, there are many ways that I can
guide you to achieving a positive outcome. For one, my psychic abilities will often allow me to 'see' all the people involved and 'read' their thoughts - not to manipulate them, but to help YOU to better understand these people, stand in their shoes, and hopefully feel compassion for them. Everybody struggles in their lives
in one way or another. When you can feel compassion for someone, miracles can happen in your interactions with them. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how my coaching can guide you to create and maintain
a life that is beautiful. A life that's filled with GRACE.

Aura Coaching Possibilites

My abilities can be utilized in ways not listed here. Let me know if you have ideas of other ways I can help you.