Note: ZiJi's primary healing practice is over the phone or Skype. He does not have a formal office where he does live healings. This said, you can have a live Aura Healing from ZiJi at one of several wellness-oriented Expos or Fairs that he does during the year (once you do your free introductory phone or Skype session, you will be placed on his email list and you will then get the dates for his live appearances. There are certain events that ZiJi will only offer live healings to brand new potential clients, so please read the emails carefully to determine if you can indeed receive a live healing from ZiJi at any such live event).
It is possible to arrange to have an exclusive one-on-one Live Aura Healing with ZiJi in and around the New York region, but this is done through special arrangements, both logistically and financially (see "ZiJi's Rates" page for his phone/Skype and live healing Rates) In addition, due to ZiJi's busy schedule, significant delays may be necessary in finding time to do the live session. Please email ZiJi for more information about this possibility (