The 1st healing session over the phone (or Skype) is FREE


Follow-up healings are $60.00 a session

Pre-paid through PayPal

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Half-Price follow-up session:

If you know within 48-hours of your regular ($60) healing session,
that you want a follow-up session,

you must send $30.00 within 48 hours
following your session
(or you can PrePay for both sessions at $90 )

After 48 hours, the rate returns to the regular $60



 I do not do follow-up sessions sooner than 2 days (or 48 hours) after a regular session.
This is to allow your body to fully integrate the original healing.
Therefore, the earliest possible time to have your follow-up session at this reduced rate,
will be 2 days (or 48 hours) from the original session. This said, you should schedule your follow-up session within 2-5 business days of your original (full price) session. Sometimes I can extend this to 6 business days (or even possibly 7) in certain circumstances, but I would need a good reason to offer this extension.


Please check my 'Availability Calendar' for my available times.
In the rare event that we cannot find a mutually agreeable day & time within this 2-6 day period, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.


Pre-Paid Package Discount


After we've had a few sessions, and you have experienced solid results that we both acknowledge, then I offer the option of paying
$550 in advance for
10 sessions 

(at $55 a session instead of $60)

Promotion For Referrals



For every person you refer who does the FREE introductory phone healing session, YOU get a $10 discount on your next phone healing session.


If this referral continues and does ONE PAID phone healing session, then YOU'LL get your next phone healing session FREE.

Note: You may give these discounts and free sessions to other people as gifts if you'd like (once they've done the free introductory session, of course).

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Additional Options for complex health issues

I am confident that given adequate time, I can work with your Body's Wisdom to heal virtually any health issue you may have.

This said, if you have a complex health issue and would like to significantly accelerate the healing of your health issue, and your financial circumstances are reasonably solid,  I would highly recommend adding my healing partner Rebecca into your treatment routine.

Rebecca is a NY State Licensed Acupuncturist and Master of Traditional Oriental Herbal Medicine (L.Ac., MSTOM). She also has extensive experience and knowledge of Western medicine and a vast wealth of information regarding vitamin and herbal supplements as well as diet.

There are 2 ways that you can integrate Rebecca.
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Both of these ways require that you fill out the following Health Questionnaire. Click the follow button for the Questionnaire